Our Children

Our children are our greatest gift. It is not only our desire, but our responsibility to make sure that our patients’ children, and all children’s’ nervous systems are functioning at their maximum potential.

The problems we face as adults, be it body or skeletal pain, muscle tightness, illness, decreased performance or even organ disease, may all be contributed to improper nerve function stemming from childhood.

Maintaining the body’s proper alignment and structure in our children is maintaining a healthy nervous system, optimizing their lives now and preventing problems that can occur later, in adulthood.

We all want what is best for our children — good nutrition, plenty of exercise and a happy, healthy state of mind. Adding regular chiropractic check-ups to your child’s life is vital to insure that the nervous system is functioning optimally and that your child’s health is being maintained from the inside out.


From the very first experience of childbirth, the infant is put under extreme stress, as they pass through the birth canal. It is a completely normal process, but it is inducing min-trauma to this young life. The birth process causes a twisting and collapsing of bones that allows the baby to pass through the birth canal. In many cases, this normal motion of body collapse returns back to its normal position. In other cases, the natural and normal bone re-positioning does not happen.

It is in these cases that it is vital that the proper alignment is induced for healthy, normal body development. If these abnormal changes are never corrected, the body develops and molds into improper positions, and the nervous system cannot function at 100%.

A chiropractic exam on a newborn consists of gentle palpation of the spine, cranium and extremities to see if any subluxations are present. If a subluxation is present, a gentle, no-force, direct pressure on the area is applies to allow the body to rotate back into its proper alignment, and the proper nerve supply is restored.

A routine chiropractic exam of your newborn is an important part of giving your baby the best possible start to a healthy life.

Young Children and Teens

The early years of a child’s life, from toddler to teenager, are an extremely active time of life. It is a normal thing for a child to be very active, and, in turn to place many stresses on their growing and building bodies.

The falls of bikes, out of tress, on the sports field, as well as all the other falls that occur in the normal days activities, though they may not be painful or even noticed, should be addressed in order to prevent problems in the future.

By maintaining the body free of subluxations, the child’s nervous system is able to function properly. This, in turn, will allow the body to have a better chance at having a strong immune system (decreasing illness and disease), preventing injuries and building a strong and healthy body!